Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Saturday @ the Library

I asked Vicki if she could go around the non-fiction stacks and clean
up some of the books that are just sitting around on the empty shelves so that the shelvers would put them away. It was just a quick Saturday project - I didn't even think much about it. So, she does and then continues on with her work. Well, a couple of hours after she finished cleaning up the stacks, she comes up to me with this big stack of oversized books and a stick from a Blow Pop, and she just gives me a look that is a mix of skepticism and fury.

Allison: "Yes?"
Vicki: "Do you SEE these? Do you know where I found these?? They were in the stacks!"
Allison: "Um, yes?"
Vicki: "I *just* cleaned up in the stacks and someone took these out and had them all lying around! Who was back there do you think?"
Allison: "Well....I'm guessing....a patron."
Vicki: "But I *just* cleaned up and I found this Blow Pop stick, too!"
Allison: "Ewww, Vicki, throw that away."
Vicki: "I will, but *someone* is going around and taking books off the
shelves and using them and then just laying them around!"
Allison: "Oh my Gosh! Someone....has....been....using....BOOKS....in the library? What next??"
Vicki: "Now you're mocking me."
Allison: "Yes."

Allison Beasley
Head of Adult Services


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