Thursday, December 14, 2006

Comics and Ketchup

I've said it before and I will say it again...what a fun job I have! Something interesting happens on a regular basis here, this job is far from boring. You might think that since I work at a library that it's always quiet here and I spend the day shushing people. Nope. Interesting characters come in on a regular basis, sometimes we get visits from the local police, sometimes we get exciting news about the library and we close the office door and scream and jump up and down with delight, and other times we have way too good of a time behind the desk conversing with coworkers...

Notably, it's exciting to be able to have the chance to meet public figures and to be able to interact with them. Most recently, local comic book artist, Don Kramer, came here to give a presentation. Myself, along with two other staff members took Don and his son out to eat before his presentation was to begin. It's great when speakers come and give us the opportunity to meet them in a more real setting while they are at ease. This isn't always the case when we have speakers. It's kind of a let down when someone comes in and gives a great presentation but acts aloof with the staff and the patrons who come to meet them.

Don gave a great presentation and there were tons of people there eager to meet him and get his autograph and he obliged every single one. He took time to talk with everyone and in one case a young boy, named Charlie, showed him a sketch of Batman that he wanted to share with Don. (There is a really cute picture that I took of this on our Flickr account).

While we were sitting at dinner I have to admit that I felt a little bad. I am not a comic book fan. I don't have anything against them it's just something I have never gotten into or was ever exposed to. I have heard of DC and Marvel comics and am familiar with Stan Lee, mainly because I've seen Mallrats, but still at least I have heard of him! So, while my coworkers gushed over him about comics I sat and politely listened.

Come to find out that Don and I have something very exciting in common. We share an unnatural love of ketchup. When he found out that I too enjoy the red liquid sent from heaven, he heartily clapped me on the back. We discussed the finer points of eating (or drinking as I have been accused of) ketchup, how one of those small bottles you get at restaurants isn't enough for you and the other people at the table, that when you eat a hamburger you have to dip it in the ketchup. We talked about that the fact that some people dip their potato chips in ketchup, that there are ketchup flavored potato chips in Canada (not available in the US), and how I put pepper on top of the mound of ketchup just to add some extra zing to it.

There are t-shirts that say "I put ketchup on my ketchup" and people frequently ask me if I would like fries to go with my ketchup. I like ketchup - it's like tomato wine.

So, my point is...well, I have no point. I just wanted to blog about how much I like ketchup and how cool Don Kramer was! Be sure to check out his podcast. Sadly, there is no mention of ketchup in his presentation but it's still good. Maybe I can start a program or a support group here at the library for ketchup lovers. My name is Vicki and I am addicted to ketchup...

Vicki S.
Adult Services Dept.


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