Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sweet Valley is Suuuhweeet!

So, my coworkers are mocking me on a regular basis. Heck my own brother is too. I am okay with this...a good mocking is healthy once in a while. Is it so wrong to want to relive a little piece of my childhood? Is it wrong to be of a certain age and want to reread the Sweet Valley High series of books? Is it?!

This series started coming out in 1984. I remember my mom taking me to Crown's Bookstore near our house about once a month so I would be able to get the latest masterpiece by Francine Pascal. At one time I owned #1-50 in the series but sadly gave them away at one point. I have come to recently find out that there are about 150 in that series alone. Not to mention that there is Sweet Valley Senior Year series, and Sweet Valley University just to name a few.

For those of you not familiar with these books they follow the adventures of identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield and their friends. You can always count on Elizabeth to be the rock in the story and she continually bails out her sister Jessica. There are great classic lines like, "the beach disco was in full swing" and Elizabeth's favorite teacher reminds her of the dreamy Robert Redford.

As if the books weren't great enough this was briefly made into a TV show (it's on my Xmas list this year) that was fairly successful. So, mock me all you want (I will admit to being slightly embarrassed to read these in public) but Sweet Valley Rocks!

Vicki S.
Adult Services Dept.


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Sweet Valley is sweetly addictive!

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