Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My First Hand at Blogging

I am currently working on the latest edition of the newsletter. The previous edition was my first hand at doing such a project and I loved doing it and was very proud of the end result. I can't wait - 2007 is going to be an awesome year! I am mostly excited about Elizabeth Berg coming in February. It's awesome to be able to brush elbows with people like her, Arlo Guthrie and Lois Lowry, just to name a few. I have only been working here a year but I have been loving every single minute of it!

In addition to working the desk and teaching computer classes I have been helping make our library go "2.0". I will be maintaining our Flickr account so please check out the site. I did not personally take all the photographs, I'm responsible for about half of them, but it was a lot of fun picking the best that we had and putting them on the account to share with other people. Be sure to check the site out and to post any comments. And who knows? Next time you are at a program and you see me with a camera you just might make it onto the website!

The book, Marley and Me by John Groban, is our latest selection for my personal bookclub with my friends. I bought the book last night and started reading is at 8pm. At 1am, I put the finished book down. It was such a good read. My dog growing up was not a pain in the rear end like Marley but reading the book brought back so many happy memories. Like Marley, my dog Max, lived to a rather old age for a big dog. We got him when I was in fourth grade and he lived until a year after I graduated from college. We loved that bag of fur just like a regular family member. We dressed him up in a Chicago Bear's jersey for the '85 Superbowl and we tortured him by taking an E.T. photo of him - any free toy or stuffed animal was put around him so only is head was visible. We took tons of pictures of him. We called him "Triever" because he never retrieved anything, he only ran away with stuff. Not everyone can understand the bond between pets and their owners but if you have ever had a beloved pet then you can really relate to Marley and Me.

Vicki S.
Adult Services Media Lead
Kankakee Public Library


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