Thursday, November 16, 2006

From the Trenches

When I entered the library world a few years ago never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it would be like this! I started out in a very small quiet library and thought that was how libraries were; quiet boring institutions with little old "shush" ladies around every corner. Well, since coming to Kankakee Public Library I have been awakened to what libraries could (and should) be. The circulation department here is very busy, extremely fast-paced and sometimes demanding. Being a people person is a must in order to excel in this department. We are exposed to people from every walk of life every day - all day. We have judges, lawyers, doctors, business moguls, teachers, regular Joes and of course people who may be currently a little down on their luck. We are happy to see them all, greet them all, and service them all.

My background is in customer service - I worked in commercial banking in downtown Chicago for 16 years before changing my career path, and I have had a chance to use all of that background and training every day here. We learn from the tough situations and relish in the good interactions. The huge turnouts for the never-ending programs in the Youth and Adult Service departments, here at the library help to keep the Circ staff hopping. The Circulation department here at Kankakee Public Library is one of the best and by far the busiest I have ever been exposed to and I look forward to its future growth.

Well, back to the trenches for more circulating and percolating!

Yvonne Croswell
Head of Circulation


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